Jirina Alanko
Boudoir Photography

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I’m Jirina. A Finnish portrait photographer and I am here to create the best possible boudoir photo and video experience you can find. I have strong background in boudoir photography and I got into it because I’m highly interested being part of breaking the narrow standards of beauty.

My boudoir photography has gained influences from pin-up and old hollywood glamour aesthetics. I highly respect traditional pin-up arts with all innocences and allusiveness in it. I really love doing short films and I am a huge fan of beautiful commercials (fragrance commercials!). And that’s why I’ve had my eye on boudoir videography. You can find boudoir films examples from my portfolio.

You can generously ask me more details about my services. I’m more than happy to tell you more!



Photographer Jirina Alanko

Helsinki, Finland
FI: +358408255499

PS. I speak both Finnish and English.

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